What is your warranty
we cover all parts for 90 days provided a competent bicycle shop does the assembly.
While you can assemble the unit yourself- we do not recommend it

What if I need parts?
we stock ALL replacement parts in our warehouse

Can it be multi-geared?
yes- however due to our insurance regulations we only sell these bikes as single speed units

What is the price?
you need to call or email us as we must know what state you reside in. We have agreements with some dealers and distributors of our products and cannot sell in those states

We ONLY Sell wholesale- even to private individuals. 95 per cent of our market is for rental companies so if we sell you a bicycle- it doesn't effect most of our dealers or distributors.

Available Options?
fiberglass canopy top for roadsters electric assist for ALL models gasoline engine kit for roadsters

I already own one- can I add electric later?
yes all of our gas and electric kits can be put on existing models

Why are you 1/2 the price of the Italian bikes?
we work on much less margin we are the manufacturer and distributor we believe in providing a great product at an affordable price. Most people cannot afford 3500.00+ for a comparable model. Our pricing makes this bike affordable to most everyone.

Is shipping expensive?
No- you pay our actual discounted commercial rates- usually less than 250.00







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