Custom Poker-Chips.

By far the hardest chip to produce correctly, we produce some of the finest custom ceramic poker chips available anywhere. We can custom design the edge stripe including the placement of text ON THE EDGE STRIPE in addition to custom design of the face graphic. Whatever you imagine we can do. Nearly any customer provided image, logo or design can be printed DIRECTLY INTO THE CHIP.

Diagonal edges tripe design and imbedded security features are also available. Want your chips flat with " no spinners" insist on EQUINOX chips

We use a proprietary ceramic 10 gram blank in our manufacturing of these custom ceramic chips-- other blanks often do not stack properly- due to the center of the chips not being perfectly flat-- causing the so-called " spinning" effect when two chips are placed against each other. Our new EQUINOX series of custom ceramic poker chips cost us more to manufacture- but we couldn't accept any blank chip that wasn't perfectly flat. We don't expect you to either.


Reproducing vivid colors was another concern- and we had to write custom ICC profiles in order to make sure color rendition was the best achievable.

Lastly- every chip is made by hand- eliminating a common problem often seen with our competition- off-centered images.

Our quality has earned us numerous clients including Nascar, Budweiser, REMAX, Manhein Auto Auction, Lowes, Michael Jordan, Bahamian Casinos... the list goes on and on. Others do it.. we do it better. Our EQUINOX series of ceramic chips will be used in an upcoming Motion Picture to be released in 2007.


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